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We consider it our duty to respect the privacy of our customers and adequately protect their personal information.
On our website, we comply with the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and handle personal information based on the following policies.


The term “Personal information” used in this Privacy Policy means the following information which can identify a specific individual when used alone or collated with other information.

  • Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, Occupation, Gender, Age
  • Information that cannot directly identify a specific individual, but can be collated easily with other information to identify a specific individual.
Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

When collecting personal information through this website, we make it a rule to only accept information provided based on the will of our customers.
We never acquire personal information without customer’s permission.
For the following purposes, we may ask customers to provide their personal information.

  • To deal with document requests, such as reference materials and company brochure, from our customers.
  • To reply to inquiry, consultations, opinions, requests and application from our customers.
  • The personal information acquired as above will be used to ensure that appropriate services and beneficial information are provided to our customers and our sales activities are extended in a reliable manner on this website.

When personal information is used for purposes other than those stated above, we will specify and announce the purpose of use in advance. Personal information shall not be used for other purposes without permission.

Management of Personal Information

We always pay maximum attention to security measures and maintain control over the personal information provided by our customers in order to prevent leakage of such information.
In addition, we have implemented appropriate and reasonable management systems as a precaution against unauthorized access by third parties, or any risks such as loss, destruction or alteration of personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information provided by our customers shall not be disclosed to any third parties except in the following situations.

  • Where disclosure of information to our business contractors or business partners is required within the limit necessary (In this case, we will take measures such as exchange a confidentiality agreement.)
  • Where the request accompanied by legal obligation is received from judicial or administrative authorities by law etc.
  • Where the disclosure is authorized by the customer concerned.
  • Where information is to be disclosed in a way that does not identify individual customers.
Inquiry, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

When a customer requests the alteration, correction and/or deletion of the personal information provided by the customer through this website, from the viewpoint of prevention of leakage of personal information, we will respond in an appropriate and reasonable manner only when it is confirmed that the request is from the customer in question.

This website may acquire and accumulate access history of our customers using cookies and other technologies. These data are used to measure and analyze the use of our website and improve its content. Information acquired using cookies or IP tracking does not include any information that is used to specify and identify a specific individual.
By setting your web browser to refuse cookies from our website, or using Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On (by Google), you can disable the use of cookies.