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Productronica India 2023: A Showcase of Innovation and Collaboration in Bangalore (2023/9/13-15)



The bustling city of Bangalore, known for its tech prowess and innovative spirit, recently played host to one of the most significant technological exhibitions in the region—Productronica India 2023. This three-day event, held from September 13 to September 15, brought together an impressive lineup of 603 exhibiting companies from 21 countries. The exhibition, which saw a record-breaking attendance of 43,831 visitors, was a testament to the growing influence of technology and innovation in today’s world. As the organizing trading company behind the participation of NA Co., Ltd., Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd., and Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., as well as Kokusai Dengyo Co., Ltd., Yashima Sangyo was proud to facilitate their presence and showcase their made-in-Japan quality and technology. In this article, we’ll take you through the highlights of Productronica India 2023, underscoring the significance of the event in promoting our company as a global one-stop supplier in Japan and celebrating the achievements of these exceptional Japanese companies.

A Global Platform for Technological Advancements

Productronica India 2023 brought together companies from 21 different countries, turning Bangalore into a global hub for technological advancements. The event showcased a wide range of products and technologies, highlighting the global reach and potential for collaboration.

Exhibiting Products and Technologies

The exhibition presented a diverse array of products and technologies that spanned various facets of the tech industry. Here’s a glimpse into some of the key categories that drew immense interest:

  1. 1. Semiconductors
  2. 2. Display Manufacturing
  3. 3. Micro and Nano Manufacturing Technology
  4. 4. Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology
  5. 5. Organic Electronics
  6. 6. Hybrid Parts Drafting
  7. 7. PCB and IC Manufacturing Machinery
  8. 8. Assembly and Processing Machinery
  9. 9. Measurement, Testing, and Inspection Equipment
  10. 10. Contract Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  11. 11. Environmental Technology

Record-Breaking Visitor Turnout

A standout feature of Productronica India 2023 was the unprecedented number of visitors, totaling 43,831. This remarkable attendance underscored the event’s significance and the growing importance of technological advancements in our lives.

Promotion for Yashima Sangyo and Japanese Excellence

Yashima Sangyo, as the organizing trading company, took pride in facilitating the participation of four outstanding Japanese companies—NA Co., Ltd., Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd., and Nanaboshi Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., along with Kokusai Dengyo Co., Ltd. This exhibition served as a significant platform to promote Yashima Sangyo as a global one-stop supplier in Japan, and the Japanese companies as exemplars of “Made in Japan” quality and technology.

Productronica India 2023 was an overwhelming success, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation. The event provided a stage to showcase the latest trends, products, and services, and offered a platform for forging valuable connections and partnerships. Yashima Sangyo and the Japanese companies were instrumental in contributing to this grand success.

The record-breaking attendance and the diverse range of products and technologies on display exemplify the dynamic and exciting world of technology. As we look ahead to the future, we are inspired by the potential for growth and innovation within the industry. We eagerly await the opportunity to participate in and contribute to such exhibitions in the future, furthering our commitment to technological excellence and collaboration. Productronica India 2023 was a monumental milestone in our journey, and we look forward to the next chapter in our pursuit of technological innovation and global collaboration.